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1. května 2013 v 12:00 | Sunny |  DIY & Tutorials
Ahoj :). Dnes tu máme další tutoriál. Tentokrát je to stojánek na rtěnky z houby! :D

Department store cosmetic countertops should be called the land of decadent organization.  Perfectly placed products look colorful and clean, which make us crave them even more.  It’s time to roll out the red carpet for the new beauty starlet that’s on everyone’s lips, Maybelline New York’s Baby Lips Lip Balm.  Never have we ever found a pout pleaser that has color, moisture, the cute-factor, and j’amazing packaging all in one.  Baby Lips Lip Balm has inspired our DIY Beauty box!  Due to it’s fun and fresh look, we want to display it, at eye level- everyday!  The purple (aka “Peach Kiss”) case inspired the base for the beauty box of the same hue. To create, use a block of floral foam (avail in lots of fun colors), and stud it up! Use a marker to plan out your beauty box placement.  Use desired products to pierce the foam directly by applying a bit of pressure, and created a spot carved out specially for it.  Make sure your Lip balms, mascaras, and other products have just enough depth to stand up straight and stay put.  Push test tubes, all the way down, into foam so the top lip is flush with the foam’s surface. Insert makeup brushes.  For a finished look, place grommets on top of the tubes opening.  Turn a tube into a bud vase for that final touch! You now have yourself the perfect lip pleaser and a countertop cosmetic solution.  P.S.- Long live the Maybelline New York Beauty Box!



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To je bohové! O_O  :-D Strašne dobrý DIY, normálne som začala nad ním rozmýšľať! :)

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