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29. dubna 2013 v 12:00 | Sunny |  DIY & Tutorials
Ahoj. Na stránce P.S.: I made this sem našla tutorial na čelenku, kterou můžete použít jako pásek :). Snad se bude líbit!

It’s time for a Spring fling with a touch of bling!  I bow down to the masters of bling:  Judith Leiber, Lorraine Schwartz, Neil Lane to name a few.  Adding a touch of glimmer and sparkle to your look, will make everyone look to you as a style starlet!  Boasting a unique accessory such as a decedent headpiece or encrusted belt is all that is required for an instant update to set up your look and kick up those heels.Creating a convertible accessory will take just minutes!  Reach for a piece of ribbon.  Measure to your size.  I suggest a double-faced ribbon or a grosgrain ribbon option.  Next, choose from a wide variety of gems.  Scour eBay or flea markets for vintage options or try M&J Trimming for oodles of options to oogle over.  Find the center point of your ribbon and use your glue gun to secure down.  Lay flat to dry and you’re ready for any Spring fling!  PS- Get creative with color combos and try your hand at making shorter version for cuff bracelets!


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