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31. března 2013 v 20:41 | Sunny |  DIY & Tutorials
DIY hezkého náramku :)

Fun nautical fact:  Rope bracelets were originally made and used by sailors as good luck charms to protect them on the open seas.  We recommend setting sail while rocking the boat with style.  Add a pinch of punk to your rebellious side and shine with an inventive edge.  Pull spikey inspiration from an icon, aka Hermes stud bracelets and check out other spiked sensations from CC Skye and Rebecca Minkoff.   Get roped in while creating your own nautical punk piece with this rockin’ DIY.  To Create:  Gather a few Nantucket rope bracelets.  These were (and still are) a summer staple at local beach gift shops everywhere. Gather a variety of spikes and simply unscrew, push the screw end into the bracelet, and twist the back on.  Make sure your spikes are screwed in tight.   P.S.- This is bracelet is a classic Turk’s Head knot using rope. CLICK HERE to watch how to DIY your own!


1 Lucc♫㋛ Lucc♫㋛ | Web | 31. března 2013 v 20:42 | Reagovat

tyjo :O hodně hezké :)

2 kika0001 kika0001 | Web | 31. března 2013 v 21:34 | Reagovat

Nádhera. :)
Jo a z [Smazaný komentář] si nic nedělej.Tohle píše skoro každýmu.

3 radi-sa-bojime radi-sa-bojime | Web | 2. dubna 2013 v 15:42 | Reagovat

Parádne! :O

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