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29. března 2013 v 17:21 | Sunny |  DIY & Tutorials
Mám tady pro vás velikonoční DIY ze stránky P.S. - I made this... :D Snad se bude líbit

Nothing makes us “hoppier” than getting together with friends who share our love for making every day more colorful and creative. That’s why we called up Eye Swoon’s clever & talented Athena Calderone to join us for this week’s egg-cellent DIY project. Together we agree that the most stunning colors come from Mother Nature herself, which is why we put aside those store-bought dyes and created bold hues using veggies & spices. Topped off with cute graphics and personalized messages, these decorations will give your Easter basket a vibrant l’egg up!  To create: Add chopped beets, red cabbage and turmeric into separate pots of boiling water, along with two tablespoons of vinegar. Let pots simmer for approximately 30 minutes, then use a  strainer to separate the vegetables from the liquid. Carefully place two hard-boiled eggs into a jar filled with dye. For light hues, soak eggs for approximately 30 minutes. For darker hues, soak overnight. Get creative and mix ingredients to create an assortment of colors. Finally, remove all eggs and place them back into the carton. Once completely dry, decorate each with a tattoo. Personalize tattoos with your own design by using printable tattoo sheets.     Get down with DIY and a dope playlist CLICK HERE for the P.S.- I made this..Playlist Curated by The Jane Doze


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