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23. března 2013 v 12:04 | Sunny |  DIY & Tutorials
Ahoj :D Tak je tady sobota!! Konečně xDD No a tak vám přináším další DIY :D Ta stránka je prostě super!

It’s the Fourth of July and to me that means trips to the beach, backyard entertaining and blasts of color! A truly crafty holiday host loves to impress with every last detail, and the cool curves of windswept driftwood are the perfect ingredient for bringing a bit of seaside style to your Independence Day fete. Take inspiration from nature and art to create a centerpiece that’s equal parts organic and elegant…with a modern pop of neon!   To create: gather driftwood from the beach, or perhaps find at your local craft or flower supply store .  Double knot brightly colored string to an area of the driftwood and wrap tightly.  Continue with your other colors of string and create a color block pattern in sporadic areas of the driftwood.  After  wrapping, double knot, snip with scissors, and use a dab of glue to seal.  To create an over-the-top tabletop candelabra, use strong wood glue to bond together, holding in place till dry.  You may even want to use a paper tape to hold together, which will act like a vice to hold during the dry time.  Lastly, attach mini tea lights onto the wood using super glue. Declare your independence with a DIY that will light up your 4th of July!
WoW! Moc pěkná dekorace!!


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